What Are the Advantages of Metal Roofs?

There are many types of roofing materials, most of which do an excellent job of protecting a home. Metal roofs are something that you may have seen in our area. While metal is not as common as other types of roofing material, it can come with many advantages.


One of the main benefits of getting a metal roof is that it’s going to last for many years. A metal roof can be expected to last for at least 40 years, and it can provide great protection for a home for up to 70 years. This is significantly longer than the life expectancy of a traditional asphalt roof. Those roofs may only last up to 20 years or so, and sometimes, they may need to be replaced earlier. Roofs of any type can be costly, and a roof replacement is a project that not everyone looks forward to. That’s why it might be a good idea to go with a material like metal that will last for a very long time.


Metal roofs can be extremely tough. They can be resistant to corrosion, and they may possibly be able to withstand high wind gusts and even certain impacts. This would be in contrast to some other types of roofing materials. Individual shingles or shakes, for example, may be damaged by the wind or falling branches.

Relatively Easy to Maintain

It’s a good idea to have a metal roof closely inspected periodically, but in general, a metal roof doesn’t require regular maintenance. The metal, as we mentioned earlier, is durable and long-lasting, and it will rarely need any type of maintenance when dealing with typical conditions. That being said, the fasteners that are used to keep the roof in place may need some attention over the years. They may need to be replaced if something has caused them to wear down or get dislodged.

Resistant to Fire

A metal roof will not be a fire hazard. In case of a lightning strike, it won’t spark or ignite. If a home does experience a fire from within, a metal roof wouldn’t be a factor that leads to the quick spread of that fire to other parts of the home.

Energy Efficient

Another thing that works in favor of metal roofs is their energy efficiency. In the summer, when the sun can be quite strong, a metal roof can reflect the sun’s rays. It’s able to reflect both UV and infrared light rays, both of which can make other roofs very hot. When a roof gets hot, some of the heat is brought into the home, increasing the need to use fans or air conditioners to stay comfortable. A metal roof can help people cut down on their utility costs, and over time, those savings could add up to be substantial.

Friendly to the Environment

Metal is an environmentally friendly product because it’s recyclable. After a metal roof has lasted as long as it can, it can be completely recycled into something else, possibly another roof. Plus, the metal that goes into making the roof likely contains a significant amount of recycled content. Some metal roofs can be made almost entirely out of recycled content.

Price Concerns

When you’re getting ready to install a roof on a new build or replace an existing roof, the price of various materials is going to be something you notice right away. Metal roofs can be more expensive than their countertops. However, remember that a metal roof can likely last more than two times as long as a regular roof, so it may be worth it in the long run.

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