Many factors determine the life expectancy of your roof, and as a homeowner, you might be hoping get 30 years out of your roof. Here is everything you need to know about the actual lifespan of roof shingles.

How Long Does a 30-Year Roof Last?

Architectural roof shingles should last between 80% to 85% of their maximum life expectancy. For that reason, the shingles should last between 22 to 25 years. If you hire a reliable roofing contractor and have your roof maintained regularly, your shingles should live up to their expected lifespan or close to it.

Factors Impacting the Average Lifespan of Your Roof

If you are shopping for a new roof, you should make several considerations to ensure your investment is worthwhile. You should first consider the type of materials used to make the roof and their durability, which largely impacts the average lifespan of your roof. In most cases, the longevity and cost of the roof are directly related.
In addition, it does not matter the type of materials you decide to purchase for your residential or commercial building since there are low and high-quality versions of each material. Low-quality roofing materials will ultimately cost you more in repairs, and the lifespan of the roof is quite low.

The underlayment is another crucial factor that can determine how long your shingles may last. Underlayment is the layer of waterproofing protection if the exterior roof gets damaged. The layer acts as a defense that stops moisture buildup, which can lead to mold growth. This is important because it protects your materials from rotting away.

The climate in your area and the intensity of sun exposure to your roof shingles extremely impact your roof’s lifespan. Extreme storms and irregular temperatures can risk the health of your roof, making it very important to choose durable materials. When temperatures quickly and frequently go from cold to hot, cracks and splits can form on the shingles. Tornadoes, hail, and other storms can be even more detrimental because they can leave divots in the roof, thereby removing protective granules from the roof, leading to roof leaks.

The slope of the roof is also important since it impacts the drainage ability of your shingles. Roof shingles with poor drainage may require frequent repairs and even replacements. If your house has a flat roof with a low slant, ensure you regularly check for water accumulation. Water accumulation can be dangerous since it can lead to fungus and mold growth and sometimes roof leaks.

How Warranties Compare to the Lifespan of Your Roof

Generally, your roof’s lifespan will be much higher than the warranty offered on the roof. However, the warranty is only there to ensure that if a storm or major incident cuts off the lifespan of the roof, it can be replaced. Therefore, your investment is protected because the costly roof repairs and damages are covered. Remember that roofs with higher quality materials will have longer warranties, meaning you will be covered for a long time since these durable products are meant to last longer.

As a homeowner, you can perform regular maintenance on your roof by following a few steps. Experts recommend that you check on the condition of the roof every season. This is because every season brings different weather elements and external causes that could be detrimental. Ultimately, you should seek the advice of a professional roof contractor by having an annual roof evaluation. During a professional visit, your contractor can inform you of the health of your roof and tell you if you have any minor issues or if your roof requires replacement.

Call the Professionals

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