Roof Coatings- How to pick the best for your property?

Did you know that many building owners replace their roofs before they need to? This is because they don’t find the right roofing contractor partners to work with that will properly service their needs!

While some building owners may have unlimited budgets and resources, too many of them take on the stress of looking at roof replacement costs when their answer is something a bit simpler! Not to mention more cost-effective.

The perfect solution you may ask?

A roof coating is done the right way!

There are many ways to capitalize on these seemingly extensive repairs, some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Claim the cost as building maintenance on your taxes
  • Avoid supply chain and labor shortages
  • Lower total cost compared to roof replacement

What does this mean?

There are a lot of options when it comes to roof coatings and building owners should not be limited to one type of material such as an acrylic or silicone. They should choose, based primarily on 3 major components;

  • Budget
  • Existing roof material
  • The slope or “pitch” of the roof


Budget is important when considering a roof coating because depending on what you were planning to invest in, it can determine which brand and how thick the coating will be. In general, the thicker the coating, the better the manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the factors listed below are something you and your contractor should discuss when organizing your budget and determining what the best course of action is for your commercial property.

  • Will it have a base coat/primer?
  • Is applying fabric cloth before the coating a necessity for proper installation?
  • How many coats are needed to create the thickness required to provide the manufacturer’s warranty?

The more thorough your research along with open and honest communication with your roofing contractor, the more success and comfort you will feel.

What is the Current Material on Your Roof?

By coating your roof you are saving time, money, and energy. Thoughtful consideration should be taken when making the choice of coating material based on what system you currently have on your roof.

Some common materials include:

  • TPO- Thermoplastic Polyolefin (made primarily from recycled rubber)
  • EPDM- Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (Also known as Rubber Roof)
  • Metal- aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.
  • Asphalt- rolled

Each of these systems has specific coatings that will be more compatible with whatever the current application is. Matching the right coating for your roof is integral and should be left to a roofing professional that is qualified and trained in these types of roof installations.

A tried and true roofing contractor should be able to tell immediately what the appropriate coating for your current roofing system is. Therefore, if a potential contractor is offering multiple types of coatings for your existing roof, you may be discussing this with someone who does not have the proper training to effectively complete your job with no long-term ramifications.

Remember, it is your decision how you approach your property’s renovations! If you are only thinking with your wallet then you (and only you) are on the hook if something fails down the line.

Your Roof Slope

Think about this; can you apply the same paint on a toy plane that you’d apply on a regular plane? Not a chance!

Just like paint, not all roof coatings are created the same. Their structural elements vary so much that depends on the roof slope, one product may be more appropriate than the other. Two of the most commonly used roof coat

  • Silicone coatings can handle standing water for a long period without leaking or degrading and are best used for flat roofs
  • Acrylic coatings are water-based so they can become brittle and delaminate from the roof when exposed to ponding water on the roof for extended periods.

It is paramount to take your roof’s slope into consideration in order to achieve total success on your project and Loyalty Exterior Solutions strongly encourages you not to disregard this when selecting your roofing contractor.

Why Should I Coat My Roof?

  1. It costs about 50-60% less than a roof replacement in terms of finances as well as distress
  2. It’s 100% tax deductible as it’s considered “maintenance” instead of replacement.
  3. You do not need a building permit
  4. No need for a large crew or heavy equipment
  5. Virtually no noise as compared to a full roof replacement
  6. Your valuables will not be exposed to the elements while the installation is taking place
  7. You get the same or even longer warranties sometimes depending on how well the coating is applied and how many coats of the system were used in the process.

Bonus Tip for Building Owners

Finally, our bonus tip is that as a building owner, you always do your due diligence when investigating and researching a potential roofing contracting company online. Never be shy about requesting references or an audience with the company’s CEO if possible. No matter how large the roofing company, the owner should be available to you to aid in making your roofing contractor selection. This not only protects you from misinformation from a less experienced staff member but also creates an open pool of conversation to maintain clarity and thoroughness going forward; especially for a larger investment.

Do not discount the importance of exhausting all avenues and information pipelines when it comes to investing in repairing or replacing your roof.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

-Benjamin Franklin

Our country’s founding father hit the nail on the head. When you choose your pocket instead of your brain, your property’s long-term stability and success are only further diminished by the lowest bid. These types of penny-pinching choices and mindsets are what will cause more serious ramifications in the future; it is up to you, and only you, to decide if you want your investment to be positively or negatively impacted. If you are one of the many people that wish to create positive ripples in their lives, approach these large investments with open eyes and minds so that you can confidently say that you are proud to be a responsible property owner.

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