Home energy is one aspect that most people find very tasking. We understand this. However, we also understand that energy is one thing that drains the home and your pockets. As a result of this, we have found that making simple changes in your home or even simply upgrading in the slightest way would greatly improve your home energy.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Home Energy Tips you can start applying today to improve your home energy.

Replace the Old Weather Stripping on Your Windows and Doors

When the weather stripping around your windows and doors is old or cracked, it tends to cause a lot of energy and heat loss. To curb this loss, you may want to check the weather stripping around your windows and doors annually, to be sure that it is not suffering from wear and tear. You may also want to check your thresholds to make sure that it is properly and tightly sealed with the door. If the weather stripping on your doors and windows is worn, you can easily get a good replacement at any hardware store.

Do not be afraid, they are not expensive, and they are quite easy to install. You can install them on your own; all you need is a pair of box cutters to cut them into the required lengths, expose the sticky side by peeling off the back, and just stick it on.

As simple as that.

Replace Old and Worn-Out Appliances

When it comes to home energy conservation, hanging on to old and less energy-saving appliances is a huge mistake. You may not realize it, but your worn-out appliances are costing you energy and money. The water heater is typically at the top of this list of appliances as it is the second-largest appliance that consumes energy in the home. This may be closely followed by your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and even light bulbs. We know that replacing all of these high-energy consuming appliances in your home at once can punch a really deep hole in your pocket so, here is what you can do instead.

You may want to first find out just how much energy you are wasting; this can be done using an energy calculator; then determine your energy budget. When this is done, you can then begin to prioritize your appliances; based on which needs to be changed first and which can stay a while longer. When shopping for new appliances, you may want to look for those that carry the Energy Star label; this shows that the appliances have met the necessary criteria for energy efficiency. You may also want to consider changing the most frequently used light bulbs around your house to energy saver bulbs

Swap Out Your Windows

According to the department of energy, windows tend to let out way too much heat. They can even account for a large amount of your heating or cooling bills. Now, replacing your windows may be expensive, but, in the long run, getting energy-efficient windows would save you a lot of money, and energy that could have been lost. Apart from just saving you money and energy, energy-efficient windows will also increase your home value and overall curb appeal should you decide to sell.

A Smart Thermostat Is a Great Investment

We know that heating and cooling of a home can be quite energy-consuming and costly; so, what better way is there to manage your energy and bills, than managing the heating and cooling of your home? A smart thermostat is an excellent way to begin. The great thing about a smart thermostat is, that it can learn your habits. This means that, based on your habits, the smart thermostat can anticipate when you are most likely to be home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

This is one energy-saving investment that you would continue to thank yourself for. It allows you not only to save energy and money but to be comfortable while at it.

Saving energy in your home is a big deal. It is also saving money and being eco-friendly. These top 5 tips are the most cost-effective and even those that are not, have cost-effective alternatives available. They are also mostly DIY tips; so, you can save up on installation costs.

Would you not want to take charge of your home energy today? Use these tips and start now to make the necessary changes to help you save your energy and save your money in the process.

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