Timely roof repair in Wellesley, MA can make a huge difference to your overall repair costs. You need emergency roof repair if you notice that water is leaking into your home. Roof leak repair is one of the most common reasons that homeowners call us, and is one of the most urgent problems that we deal with. When left untreated, water leaks can cause significant damage to the structural components of the home. Water can seep into the walls, the wooden support beams and the foundation. If these areas are exposed to water for long periods of time, they may become irreparable.

Different types of roofing structures will require different types of solutions. For example, steel roofs can rust when they are exposed to harsh weather conditions over a long period of time. This isn’t a problem that concerns those with asphalt roofs. Our team can inspect your roof for you and provide you with a detailed analysis on the overall condition.