When it comes to repairing components of your roof, it is important to invest in a roofing contractor with experience. The person doing your inspection is going to be climbing onto your roof and possibly into your attic to assess what the problem is. After they scale your home, they should discuss the next steps with you by creating a comprehensive plan for how the repair will be done.

What does it take to replace a pipe boot?


To replace a pipe boot on your roof, you’ll want to set your roofing contractor up for success by using the best products on the market. Silicone is the suggested material for pipe boots. Not only is it extremely flexible, but it also is resistant to cracks from intense heat and cold fluctuations. Another component that may be more difficult to find is fresh shingles that are the same make and color as your existing shingles. No one wants visible patches on their roof, so trying to match your current material is always the best option (not a bad idea to have a bundle in storage just in case).

What’s beneath the surface?

The best way to fix a repair on your roof is to make sure the entire problem is resolved. Covering up problems that are existing is not an ideal plan if you want to make sure the issue does not arise again. Underneath your pipe boot, there should be a layer of thin waterproof membrane, a thicker version called Ice and Water underlayment, and plywood. If you had water damage coming from your pipe boot, then you more than likely have some damp or rotting plywood around the area. This problem can spread quickly and leave more room for work and expenses down the road if not addressed properly in the first place.


To install your pipe boot, your roofing contractor will have to remove the shingles and underlayment in the affected area. After this, they carefully remove your current boot from around your exhaust pipe and will be able to accurately see if you have any water damage to your plywood or springboard. If your home does have this, that plywood should be replaced with fresh and dry material. Once your roof is fully prepped for the new silicone pipe boot, it will go over your exhaust pipe and your shingles will be layered back over the base.

When you have a roofing professional completing your repairs, know that you are in good hands with someone who is trained in this particular field.

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