When you are on the hunt for a home improvement contractor to help you with your special project, what are the things you look for? Ensuring that you have a legitimate contractor with your needs in mind, takes research and time! Know exactly who you are dealing with and follow these steps to cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

Your ideal home improvement contractor should have…


One of the most important things that a legitimate contractor will have is PROOF OF INSURANCE. Not only does this ensure that you, the homeowner, are covered in the unfortunate event of a problem, but it also protects them. If you are talking to a potential candidate for your project that does not have the proper paperwork and proof of insurance, run in the other direction! Without this information, they are also unable to apply for a building permit in most towns and cities which can lead to hefty fines. Protect yourself and request this information before agreeing to or signing anything.

Wonderful reviews and recommendations

Looking at potential contractors’ reviews such as their search engine landing page, one of many review sites, or even social media sites, is a great way to see problems before they arise. If you see a common theme amongst the reviews it is important to keep these things in mind when making a final selection for who will be completing your project. Another great place to do your research is the Better Business Bureau website. Ideally, you would want your contractor to be BBB accredited with no unresolved complaints.

Warranties and Guarantees

Finally, when it comes to a contractor offering a guarantee, they are holding to their word that the project will be completed to your satisfaction. They want you to be happy with their work! Product warranties are a wonderful bonus to your project; whether it be shingles or a siding, make sure your contractor knows the proper steps to uphold the manufacturer’s specification to be covered under warranty.

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