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Larissa Gomes

Laryssa Gomes

A wearer of many hats. She has the privilege of sitting in the office. She makes sure that your contract is finalized, communication is seamless, and the final document of the project is perfect. She even goes above and beyond with a little gift to celebrate.

Ro Gomes

Romulo (Ro) Gomes

The expert. He will make sure things run smoothly and effortlessly. His commitment is excellence and anyone that knows him knows that he goes above and beyond to satisfy all his customers.

The Team

The Team

These guys are the special ones. They do long days when it’s sunny outside. They work in the cold to make sure that your home is safe and dry for the winter.

The Little Helpers

The Little Helpers

You might see these little guys bringing coffee to the hard workers, handing out some tissues when the sun is hot, and maybe helping to answer the phone.

Meet Nathan, Nathaly, and Nayland.