A lesser-known accessory for the exterior of your home that can eliminate a lot of headaches is gutter guards! Gutter guards work best for those of you that would prefer not to have a cleaning company come every year to muck out plant debris from your downspouts. This is especially true for those that have a property with trees and plant life.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Damage Prevention

When considering having gutter guards installed, it is important to note what happens when your gutters become clogged with debris. Generally, when it begins to rain on clogged gutters, the volume of the track will fill up and overflow with water. This can lead to water damage to your facia board and roof deck. With gutter guards, you are making it significantly more difficult for debris to enter the downspouts!

Property Value

Not only are gutter guards maintenance-free, but they also can be an added perk when selling or purchasing a home. Preventative precautions for damage or a future insurance claim are always going to be a great selling point and may be able to increase your property value.

Nearly Maintenance Free

Who wants to deal with climbing up on a ladder with a hose to spray the leaves, twigs, and pine needles out of their gutter system? Preventing the plant matter from clogging your gutters in the first place will save you a lot of time (and even money) down the road!

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