“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” -Benjamin Franklin

Preparing your family and home for a roof replacement is always a good idea and here are some tips to keep your mind sharp for your exterior home improvement project.


When your exterior remodeling contractor is working on your home, your property becomes an active construction site. There will be a multitude of people that will be climbing, sawing, and carrying heavy materials around your space. To keep the project running smoothly, it is important to stay out of their way. This is the best means to ensure you and your home stay safe while your construction is underway.

A good way to avoid crossing paths with the work crew is by taking the day to yourself! Treat yo’ self to a calming day at the spa or run all of the errands you have been putting off for weeks. If for some reason you do need to exit or enter your home while construction is going on, contact your project manager. They should be able to guide you safely through the construction to where you need to be!


Of course, we know that large-scale renovations can have a hefty cost, but it is important to be prepared for changes. Sometimes your contractor will run into something that is not as apparent on the surface (carpentry work, water or pest damage, chimney problems, etc). Unforeseen costs associated with your project can rack up a bill, so keeping this in mind is a great way to budget and ensure that you are not emptying your bank account!

Protect your belongings–

Whenever your home is having work done, be sure to protect your belongings! Generally, your contractor will be putting down large tarps to cover your home’s immediate surroundings from falling debris. If there is anything that you would like your contractor to take special care of, be sure to tell them before your start date!

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