No one wants to deal with a surprise repair! It is extremely important to address a leaking roof as soon as possible. The longer the problem is ignored, the more expensive the resolution will become. Rot, mold, and damaged insulation are only a handful of problems that you can run into if the leak is unaddressed and not inspected by a roofing professional.

Leaky roof? Here’s how to address it.

Start by protecting your belongings!

If there is water coming through your ceiling, it is already going to be an expensive fix. To mitigate the damage, it’s best to move all of your belongings from the immediate area, clean up any water that may have entered your living space, and place something below the leak that will contain the water for the time being. It doesn’t hurt to hope for good weather either!

Contact a reputable roofing contractor.

As soon as you notice a water spot or stain on your ceiling, take photos and contact well-accredited roofing professional. When they inspect your roof, they should be able to get to the root cause of where the leak is coming from. They should be able to create a comprehensive plan for how to address the problem and the cost involved in doing so.

Reach out to your homeowners insurance company!

We know that contacting your insurance company can be a major headache. If your roof has damage that may be covered by insurance it never hurts to try to get a claim approved. If you are approved (yes even for a repair), a good question to ask your roofing professional is if they’ll work with your insurance to make sure that you have an accurate quote. Not all roofing contractors offer this service, however, the few that do may be able to get more portions of your roof covered if your claim is already approved. This is the time to invest in fully qualified roofing professional!

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