There are numerous types of the gutter system and knowing the best one to use for your home is very vital. Not all gutter system is recommended. You must know the facts about gutter systems before choosing the ideal one for your home. You might consider installing it or replacing the gutter at any time but that should not just be the basis for why you need it. You should ask yourself what type of gutter system is the best for your home?

But First a Little History Lesson on Gutters…

Many of the old gutter systems were made from wood. It is from some of these woods, that the actual shapes are gotten. The wood will be allowed according to the shape and size of the gutter. In 1900 metal rolling machines were introduced into the market. During this period, metal gutters began taking hold and eventually dominated the rain gutter market.

The early metal rain gutter was constructed to form a round shape. These early gutter machines were not easy to lift about. They were round and heavy. They were not cheap as well. They were expensive which is why different popular gutters were made in factories down until the 1970s when a new introduction was made. There was a lighter and better portable gutter machine.

One of the amazing traits of this gutter machine is the ability to work sites. Trailers could haul this lightweight machine to produce gutter spots. It made such work far easier and less stressful.

Shapes of Gutters

K -Style It is among the most popular gutter used in today’s world. It has 5-inch aluminum. You might reason that they are called the k-style due to their shape, but the truth surrounds the fact that the sheet metal and air conditioning contractors’ national association (SMACNA) when listing alphabetically the letter k is counted as 11. The K-style gutters are the most rampant gutter profile or shape. They have a unique decorative crown and an attractive molding appearance. The k style gutters are otherwise called the ogee gutters.

Half Round Style Just as the name entails, the half round gutter is a half-circle that has an open half-face turned towards the direction of the roof. They are not very effective. Their depth reaches half of the k-5 gutters. When there is a slight leveling problem, there will be an overflow from the gutter. This happens when a flat back is unavailable. Due to the lack of a flat back, the gutter hangers will be placed under the gutter to hold it up firmly instead of making use of hidden hangers

Material Types for Gutters

Seamless Aluminum the seamless gutters do not leak since there is no presence of seams. The various sections join together only at the outside and inside corners. It comes in various colors and two most popular sizes; 5 inches and 6 inches.

Copper Gutters These are aesthetically the most pleasing to the eyes. They are beautiful to look at and have a “higher-end” look. They come in various styles as half-round and K-style. These types of gutters are more expensive than the normal aluminum gutters due to the material cost and the workmanship required to install them. Copper gutters need to be soldering at seams and downspout areas. They last a very long time, normally more than 50 years if installed correctly.

Fiberglass Gutters A newer concept for gutters. They were made to replace the traditional wood gutters which rot and take much maintenance. The Fiberglass gutters are very light (half the weight of wood gutters). It does not rot, never needs to be painted, never leaks needs to be oiled, is extremely durable, and is UV resistant. Companies that install this type of gutter offer a lifetime guarantee on these gutters.

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