When your roofing professional is pricing your home’s roof replacement, they are considering many factors to build you a fair quote.

What goes into the price of my roof replacement?

Roof replacements have several components that go into the price of your project. It is always important to discuss your budget expectations with your roofing contractor and have an open and honest discussion about how the work will proceed. For those of you asking, “what are the factors at play for my roof replacement?”, here are some key things to keep in mind when your contractor is explaining your estimate.

What is the size of your roof?

A great way to gauge fair pricing for your roof is to take the total amount of your estimate and divide it by the number of squares on your roof (one “square” is 100 square feet).

For example, if your roof is 25 squares and you received a quote for $15,000, then you will be paying approximately $600 per square. Use these numbers to compare your estimates.

Tip: if you would like to know your square foot pricing, divide the square number by 10.

Once you have an idea of how much per square your roof will cost than the budgeting and breakdown of what you are paying is a bit easier to visualize.

Does your roof have more complicated factors at play?

Keep in mind your roofline! If you have a complicated roof with valleys or gables, your quote may have a higher price point than a simpler roof with the same amount of coverage. With a more intricate roof, cheaper is by no means better; when you have different roof accessories and elevations, that means your home has more vulnerabilities that need to be approached with extra care and craftsmanship.

Some things that need special attention include:

  • Skylights
  • Transition walls
  • Gables
  • Steep slope

Your professional roofing contractor should be able to tell you how these additional expenses factor into your budget. As a homeowner, this is a conversation to remain open-minded through.

What condition is your roof currently in?

Okay, you have found your dream roofer! This company is everything that you need and provides amazing value. They begin to remove your old and failing shingles to find that your roof deck is entirely rotted! At this point, your roofing professional should notify you of the new circumstances and is ready with a plan for how to complete your project with the most respect to your house possible.

Unfortunately, unforeseen expenses are something that every home improvement project will run into. A great question to ask when you are interviewing your prospective contractors is how they handle these changes and what tactics are in place to ensure that your quote is entirely accurate.

What is the cost and quality of material being used on your roof?

During your estimate presentation, usually, your roofing contractor will showcase the different products that they prefer to use. Many of these products and roofing systems have manufacturer warranties; discuss the pros and cons of different products with your contractor so that you can make the best choice to keep yourself covered down the line.

Requiring a high quality and standard is what will govern your roof replacement’s value. If you are looking for low pricing, consider yourself someone who is also looking for low standards.

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